Dr. Chuck Skipton
Educator and Economist

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Motivated, fundamentally, by the daily opportunity to both study and better understand free-markets, choice, and the gains from trade that result.
Charles (Chuck) Skipton, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Tampa who enjoys teaching both microeconomics and applied micro topics such as public finance, public choice, and organization theory.  He has taught at Florida State University (as a graduate student from 1996 - 1998 AND from 2001 to Summer 2003) AND at the University of Tampa (from Fall 2003 to present).  If you are interested in his work in this area please follow the 'teaching tab.'

Chuck has an active research agenda in a sub-area of economic freedom -- specifically, the freedom to trade internationally.  Professionally you may have met him either presenting a paper related to trade openness (since 1999) OR with his work with the Economic Freedom of the World Project (Frasier Institute AND CATO Institute) where he was an active participant from about 1996 to 2006 (where he still participates in a limited capacity today).  If you are interested in his work in this area please see the 'research tab.'

Chuck spent 2 years in Washington D.C. as a staff economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Senate (1999-2000 JEC) doing work on topics such as Social Security reform, Medicare reform, tax policy, and the impact of trade openness on long-run economic growth.  Documents that resulted from the work he was involved in at that time can be found under the 'JEC tab.'

In recent years, Chuck (along with Dr. Robert Beekman and Dr. Brian Kench -- both at the University of Tampa) has been active with a select honors society for students of economics or economic policy called the Adam Smith Society.  Some content (pictures, essays, bios of graduates, and descriptons of recent activities) is located under the 'Adam Smith Society' tab.

Dr. Charles David Skipton

Assistant Professor of Economics
University of Tampa

Ph.D. Economics
Florida State University -- 2003

M.A. Economics
University of Memphis -- 1995

B.B.A. International Business
Memphis State University -- 1992

Chuck Skipton's C.V. is located here (8/08).

Chuck Skipton is married to his wife Melissa and living in Tampa, Florida.

You can contact him directly via e-mail at:  cskipton@ut.edu

If you cannot find the information that you were looking for on this web-page, please feel free to send him a message and he will be glad to respond to your need promptly.

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